Missionary Frankie Sherrard

Missionary Frankie Sherrard was born October 5, 1900 in Mansfield, Louisiana. Frankie was a dedicated member of the Baptist Church in Mansfield. She met and married Fletcher Sherrard in 1919 and they soon moved to Houston. She was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost in 1926 and became a member of Buck Street Church of God in Christ under the pastorate of the late Elder Billy Johnson. She worked faithfully in the church as a prayer warrior, mission worker, and a member of the sewing circle. Even after her husband passed away in 1932, she continued to serve in the church under Elder Billy Johnson and subsequently under the leadership of Elder John Gamble.

In 1948 she and two other spirit-filled women, Sis. Ada White and Sis. Mable Anderson were lead to establish a little mission in the Fidelity Community. They prayed for God to send them a shepherd. Elder John Paul Ellis, also a member of Buck Street, soon came to their aid and helped them establish a church which he named St. Paul Temple Church of God in Christ.

Sis. Sherrard was very active in St. Paul Temple where she became a Missionary. She was a profound teacher, and often advised and taught the younger women in the church how to be Godly wives and mothers. She was a prayer warrior and was known to lay hands on and pray for people who would be healed and delivered. She was also responsible for inviting other evangelist missionaries to speak and teach at St. Paul Temple. She penned the words to a song which she often sang from her soul during services; “He wooed me with his love, he wooed me with His love, He purchased my salvation, and He wooed me with His love”. She was a great supporter of Elder Ellis and the church. She often initiated programs which involved the children of the church. These programs raised funds to pay the church’s financial obligations.

Missionary Frankie Sherrard was affectionately called “Momo” by her many grandchildren. Two of her sons eventually became pastors, Bishop William Sherrard, Sr., pastor of Cornerstone Holiness Church, and Elder Frank James Sherrard, Sr., who pastored at Ellis Memorial from 1984 through 2002.

Missionary Frankie Sherrard loved God. He called her home on April 12, 1973.





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